D&R is a full service roadway and parking lot contractor.  Below are typical services that we provide in house or through sub-contractors. We can also supply fill and other miscellaneous materials.

In House Services

Paving -
Bituminous concrete installation is the basis of our day to day operations. We have skilled paving crews capable of completing projects from a parking lot to an eight lane highway. Our crews are trained to perform to the Mass Highway 450 spec for compaction and smoothness.

Annually we install over 300,000 ton of bituminous concrete. We are able to cover a large geographical area with our paving crews due to our volume discounts from manufacturers throughout Eastern Massachusetts. We are located slightly north of Boston in Melrose, but our paving crews can be seen stretching outside of the metropolitan area in all directions.


Sidewalk and Curbing Installation - D&R employs multiple masonry crews. These crews install sidewalk and curbing to current ADA standards.

Our capabilities for sidewalk installation include:

  • Removal and disposal of old sidewalk and curb
  • Forming and grading of sidewalk
  • Installation of new curb
  • Pouring of new sidewalk
  • We offer complete sidewalk and curb installation from individual Wheel Chair Ramps, to entire lengths of streets.

Fine Grading - D&R is equipped to fine grade and compact any gravel road or surface prior to bituminous concrete installation. This can be done post pulverization of an existing road or for the construction of a new parking lot. From building tennis courts to adding breakdown lanes on the Mass Pike, this is the primary stage in making the water run correctly off the surface.

Drainage Installation - D&R is qualified in drain and sewer installation. Before we can get the water running correctly on the surface we have to make sure it is running correctly underground. We excavate and install man holes, catch basins, and pipe.

Typical Sub Contract Services

  • Cold Planning
  • Casting Adjustment
  • Line Stripping
  • Roadway Reclamation

Material Services

  • Reclaimed Material
  • For use as base material or fill
  • Meets MassDOT Recycled Borrow
  • Loam
  • Organic Material

Contact Lou Iuliano for Material Pricing
781-321-7772 ext. 115 or email loui@drpaving.com

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